Entitlement, no communication, missed deadlines and couldn’t care less about your business? Sound familiar?

We started Visualyft to ensure no one would ever go through such a painful experience, or to wait forever for a website.

Yes, we live in a day and age where marketing has moved to the internet. Sadly, when there is a huge demand, and little supply, service providers can take their clients for granted.

This is exactly what has happened in the world of web designers. As a business that needed to get my online presence up, my primary business was so far away from tech that it was a completely new world for me.

As the client, I only asked for a few simple things: meeting deadlines, regular communication, a “heads ups” if the designer could not get something done, and to allow me some sort of input during the process of designing the website that would represent me.

It took me two years of getting bits and pieces of this. I finally decided to buckle down and learn how to make a site myself. I spent countless hours over a period of many months, working on my webpages, along with other people’s and learned Wordpress, plugins, SEO and mobile optimization.

Now, I can provide this service, from the lens of a business owner, who truly understands what you, as a business owner, need and want, and to provide you the experience I never got.

Our talented and reliable team is here to make the process of web design much simpler, more transparent and in a shorter time frame for you, with high quality results.

"I finally got a pleasant website experience with Visualyft because I worked with someone who understood business and truly took care of their clients." – Renee, Los Angeles